Stand out or blend in, the choice is yours

A custom veterans tribute wrap on a Shelby GT
A trailer with a skeleton wrap in front of Studio Wraps shop
A personal vehicle showing off its personality with a custom designed wrap by Studio Wraps
A personal truck wrap to show off unique style and personality
Custom truck and topper wrapped with mountains and dogs

Show your style with custom graphics

Whether you want a striking geometric pattern, a vibrant abstract artwork, or a personalized logo, vinyl wraps provide the perfect canvas for your imagination. Let your personality shine and turn heads wherever you go with the limitless possibilities of bold custom designs through vinyl wraps.

Color Change Wraps

Color change wraps offer an exciting way to completely transform the appearance of your vehicle. With an extensive range of colors and finishes available, including glossy, matte, metallic, and even unique textures, color change wraps allow you to achieve a customized look that suits your style and personality.

Chrome Deletes

Whether you prefer a stealthy matte black look or want to add a touch of elegance with a glossy black finish, chrome delete wraps offer a customizable solution to remove or modify the chrome trims, emblems, or grilles on your car.

Wrap Anything

From electronics, furniture, and appliances to walls, floors, and even commercial signage, vinyl wraps offer endless possibilities for customization and branding. With a wide range of colors, textures, and finishes available, you can give a fresh and stylish look to objects or surfaces, making them stand out or seamlessly blend into any environment.

get wrapped. snap necks.

“I love so much how you brought my idea to life! So pretty! Plus a bonus: you and your team were fun to work with. Made it a great experience.”

Jan Lichy